Charities We Support!

H2H LOGO Human2Human “The H2H Project” became an official 501(c)3 public charity on Jan. 1, 2009. We operate under the ultimate goal of making clean, safe, and sustainable water sources a possibility for those living in conditions of extreme Water Crisis. The epidemic known as water crisis exist in any and all situations where clean disease free drinking water is not available for human consumption. These conditions occur most often in areas of extreme poverty, refugee camps, and in areas hit by natural disaster. The effects of water crisis on the people of our world are dangerous at least, and most often deadly. Lack of safe drinking water is a global killer that effects every country and every culture without pity or remorse. It is an issue we all face as humans and it will take a global effort to slow and eventually conquer this disturbing trend. At H2H we believe that with your support we can make a life saving difference to many in desperate need. invite you to join us in our mission, for only together can we make an impact on this unnecessary global epidemic. 


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